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The Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

This 48 inch diameter pipe carries oil from Prudhoe Bay 800 miles South to the Port of Valdez.  Oil temp. is 145 degrees when it enters the pipe and 103 degrees at the marine terminal.

This section is about 350 miles North of Valdez and 150 miles South of the Arctic Circle. 

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White Pass & Yukon Railroad (WP & YR).  narrow gauge, 1890's rolling stock.  Starting in Skagway at sea level this train climbs for 20 miles over trestles and through tunnels to reach White Pass (2865 feet, 860 meters). There was a blanket of snow when we reached the top.

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New Eddystone Rock

This plug of basalt from an extinct volcano rises over 230 feet out of the Behm Canal.   It is located approximately 45 miles East of Ketchikan, ALASKA in the Misty Fjords National Monument

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Mendenhall Glacier.  near Juneau, ALASKA

This glacier is 1 1/2 miles across and just over 100 feet high.  It extends back 11 miles into the mountains.  This glacier is one of many that is receding each year. 

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Brown Bear  ...  Ursus arctos

This brown bear is feasting on the carcass of a moose.  A fox, just out of camera range, was trying to steal a meal and briefly distracted the bear.

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The Alaska Range - late May

About 160 miles South of the Arctic Circle, somewhere around 4 am, as the sun was just starting to come up.


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